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St. John the Evangelist

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St. Martin of Tours
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Mission Statement:
 St Lawrence Church
St. Lawrence

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We are a family of faith in union with Christ and His Church to grow in holiness through the celebration of hte inspired Word of God and th ereception of the Sacraments. We are called through our Baptism to share in the ministry of Jesus Christ and glorify God through proclaiming the Gospel in our community.

Parish Finances
St. Lawrence    
    Parish Assessment   $11,380.00
    Clergy Care and Wellness   $2,497.00
    Self Insurance     $8,479.00
    School Assessment   $13,561.00
    Post Retirement    $1,333.00
    Clergy Blue Cross
    Clergy Pension
   Annual Appeal Goal    $14,000.00
    Pledges to Date   $9,358.00
    Shortfall   $4,642.00


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